How to bust stress!

Stress has been defined as: The adverse reaction that people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed upon them. Health and Safety Executive BHT has worked with our mental health trainer Alex Langridge to develop a new Managing Stress in the Workplace for Managers course. In our blog, Alex talks about the … Read more

Universal Credit can be hard on the brain…

Three years after the first Universal Credit claims went live, this new benefit is as controversial as ever. BHT’s benefits trainer Jayne Knights explains both the positives, and the criticism for, Universal Credit. Stephen Crabb has made it very clear that he has no plans for any slowing down of the rollout of Universal Credit, … Read more

Substance misuse: causes of dependence and withdrawal

BHT’s substance misuse trainer Scott Henery talks about the main effects drugs have on the brain’s chemistry. Scott will be running Advanced Alcohol & Substance Misuse training on 23 & 24 June, where you kind find out more about neuropharmacology, how all the key drugs work and how dependence and withdrawal are likely to occur. … Read more

Dual Diagnosis – true or false?

BHT’s substance misuse trainer Scott Henery shares some of the common misconceptions about Dual Diagnosis, as well as some facts you may not be aware of. All answers are at the bottom of the page. Book onto BHT’s Dual Diagnosis training on 21 & 22 April where these answers will be explored more fully. 1. Cannabis … Read more

Welfare reform – what’s next?

With Universal Credit is now in place throughout the country, technical glitches and rent arrears will start to affect your clients. Welfare and Benefits trainer Jayne Knights asks: are you prepared? “In my last blog, I wrote about this being an exciting time to be a benefits trainer, and even though I’ve now been in … Read more

ITEP: Helping Substance Misuse Clients Become Their Own Change Makers

ITEP and Node-Link Mapping and Abstinence and Integrated Recovery trainer Scott Henery explains how ITEP works, and how it is changing lives: The International Treatment Effectiveness Project – or ITEP for short – has one simple aim for clients on a substance misuse pathway: to improve treatment effectiveness by making the delivery of psychosocial interventions … Read more

Getting Presentations Right… and Getting Them Wrong!

Standing in front of people and presenting information and ideas isn’t always easy. Presenting with Confidence trainer Sally Hale shares her top tips for delivering presentations: One of my first contracts as a newly self-employed trainer was a series of Presentation Skills training courses for Westminster City Council. This was 22 years ago. Since then, … Read more

Are Volunteers Only There to Take Work Off My Plate?

By virtue of their name, volunteers are essential to the voluntary sector. But what can we do to support them so they feel valued and ultimately want to continue volunteering with us? We must get to know them, as Supporting Volunteers trainer Ruth Mason explains: Volunteers come and volunteers go. We must accept this fact, … Read more

Slowing Things Down is a Calmer Way to Approach Your Work

In this technological age, demands on our time are getting increasingly stressful. But could slowing things down and doing less actually make our work more productive? Mindfulness at Work trainer Gill Hasson explains: There is more to life than increasing its speed So said Ghandi. Technological inventions are continually saving you time; your car gets … Read more