Supporting Autistic People: Awareness (Level 1)

Expired Supporting Autistic People: Awareness (Level 1)

Date & Time of Course

  •  9 May, 2023
     10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Autism diagnoses and self-identification are increasing, with recent research showing 1 in every 36 people might be autistic.

Autistic people experience and interact with the everyday world differently. The characteristics of autism mean that aspects of day-to-day life can be challenging and confusing, as society is built around the needs of the non-autistic population.

This introductory course explores the difficulties autistic people can experience and how those supporting them can help through neurodivergence-affirming understanding and strategies.

This course forms part 1 of a 3-part course, but can also be completed as a standalone course.

Part 2 of the course will explore communication in further details, and on part 3, we will be looking at sensory needs.

This course will support you to:

  • develop your understanding of autism
  • consider different strategies to support autistic people
  • gain an overview of research relating to autistic people and its real-world impact
  • understand the importance of a neurodivergence-affirming approach


Who should attend?

This is an introductory level course and will be most beneficial to staff who are new to working with autistic people, as well as staff who would like to develop their understanding of autism.

The course will be too basic for staff who have already completed introductory or advanced autism training.




This course will be delivered online over a half-day.   Online training will not be recorded.


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